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BCI Practical Course 2014

Welcome to the website of the BCI practical course for the winter semester 2014/2015.

Here you will find resources, references and information about the course's content and organization.

Organizer / Supervisor




We suggest to use the following packages to design the BCI-feedbacks and to analyse EEG data:

  • BBCI Toolbox: This is the toolbox used to perform the analysis of the collected data. Thanks to the Berlin Brain Computer Interface for the toolbox in which this fork is based.
  • Pyff: The existing feedbacks / graphical user interfaces are written using this framework.(Take a look at the additional packages required!)
  • For the additional Python Packages: Note that if you are going to be using windows, the pre-compiled libraries can be found here (easier to install than using the official releases): Pre-Compiled binaries

Please make sure that the python version that you have installed corresponds to the version of the python modules you download.


Here is a list of suggested readings ranging from general BCI reviews and EEG analysis, to information specific to each of the project topics. Of course you are more than encouraged to look at additional resources on the internet!


Robin Tibor Schirrmeister
Nicolas Holland
Eva Brombacher
Martin Wilkens
Nataliya Hunzinger
Aphasia MT
Lu Jing
Benedikt Solf
Neglect SC
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