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Seminar / Proseminar: Doing by Thinking 2013


Proseminar: Introduction to the Functional Decoding of Brain Signals

Oliver Vogt - Lukas Klein A first glance on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) / Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI) MT
Moritz Freidank - Anja Blickensdörfer Neuroanatomical background of BCI/BMI. TB
Benedikt Solf Signals for BCIs: Where do they come from, how do they look like? Part A: non-invasive signals (EEG/MEG/fMRI/fNIRS) TB
Eva Brombacher - Hendrik Intveen Signals for BCIs: Where do they come from, how do they look like? Part B: (semi-) invasive signals (ECoG, SUA, LFP) TB
Rick Gelhausen - Samuel Steinegger Signal processing and machine learning algorithms to decode evoked potentials of the EEG/ECoG. MT
Jan Reisacher - Björn Hagemeister How to learn BMI control. TB
Andre Biedenkapp - Julian Kunzelmann BCI-controlled robots: principles and applications WB

Seminar: Invasive and Non-Invasive Methods to Decode Brain Signals in Realtime

Gregor Enzian Data-driven spatial filtering to improve signal-to-noise ratio in evoked responses. MT
Ingo Killmann Listen to write: auditory BCI for communication. MT
Cem Uran - Tiago M. Rocha Félix Neurotechnology to restore memory and other cognitive functions. TB
Maximilian Bergmann Unsupervised Classification of ERP paradigms MT
Robin Tibor Schirrmeister Controlling robotic arms for self-feeding with the help of BMIs TB


Reports - Slides part 1 - Slides part 2.

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