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Seminar / Proseminar: Doing by Thinking 2014


  • Seminar and Proseminar will be held as a "Blockseminar" in July / August (there will be a doodle with all participants).
  • Please register via the LSF ( click here ).
  • The first meeting will be on April 29, 10 p.m. in building 078, room 078 00 014.
  • Topics will be assigned in the first meeting. Please contact your supervisor for details on literature.
  • Students are requested to prepare a talk of approx. 30 minutes and to write a summary. English is prefered for the Proseminar and mandatory for the Seminar topics.
  • The summaries should be about 10 pages long (latex, a4wide, 11pt) and are due one week after the presentation.
  • Grading: 60% presentation, 30% report, 10% contribution in discussions.
  • Please be aware that Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard will give a talk on general guidelines for the seminar presentations.
  • Info/First meeting Slides

Organizers / Supervisors



Proseminar: Doing by Thinking: Introduction to the Functional Decoding of Brain Signals

Stefan Armbruster Classification Techniques for BCI WB

Seminar: Doing by Thinking: Invasive and Non-Invasive Methods to Decode Brain Signals in Realtime

Wera Winterhalter Classification in the Space of Covariance Matrices MT
Freya Veronika Fleckenstein Common Spatial Patterns Extensions MT
Noha Radwan Combining Multimodal Signals MT
Jan Metzger Cortical Control of a Prosthetic Arm for Self-Feeding WB
Oier Andreas Mees Command Hierarchies for Adaptive Brain-Robot Interfacing WB
Sebastian Spreizer Shared ECoG-based Hybrid Control of Autonomous Robots TB
Noah Levine-Small Cognitive Control Signals for BCIs TB
Lukas Hermann Decoding the Content of Visual Cortex during Wakefulness and Dreams TB
Amin Mirzaei Invasive Measuring Electric and Magnetic Brain Signals TB
Karoline Greger Motor Cortex TB
Daniel Siebrecht Robotic Architecture for Brain-Controlled Wheelchairs WB


Reports - Slides pt 1 - Slides pt 2 - Slides pt 3

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