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Student Projects

The Brain State Decoding Lab constantly offers research projects for students on the BSc and MSc level:

  • practical course projects for (groups of) Master students
  • thesis projects for BSc and MSc students


Most projects are centered around the development of machine learning algorithms for the decoding or encoding of brain signals, which pose specific challenges compared to other types of data. Typically, we also translate these algorithms into either basic scientific studies or into clinical and non-clinical neurotechnological applications. Well-known examples thereof are brain-computer interfaces (BCI) for communication and control, BCI-supported rehabilitation approaches, adaptive deep brain stimulation and novel human-robot interaction paradigms.

Due to our data-driven research approaches it is a prerequisite for most projects that you have collected background in e.g. the machine learning-, reinforcement learning-, deep neural networks-, computer vision- or artificial intelligence course. In addition, we require that you are skilled in Python- or Matlab programming and in linear algebra.

To tickle your fancy, we have listed a few ready-to-go projects.

Please address us if one of the offered projects interests you. Upon request, we can also tailor projects to your background and interest, given it has some relevance for our overall research goals.


Phonological scoring of speech

Development of a machine learning approach to score the phonological quality of speech recordings

Phonological scoring of speech - Read More…

Reinforcement learning under high noise and uncertainty

Evaluation and improvement of reinforcement learning (RL) approaches to learn control strategies under challenging conditions

Reinforcement learning under high noise and uncertainty - Read More…