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CogReha: BCI Neurotechnology for Novel Rehabilitation Approaches in Stroke-Induced Cognitive Deficits

Evaluation of brain-computer interface methods in the context of rehabilitation of the cognitive deficits after stroke.


Project run time: 2015-2016


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Research on brain-computer interfaces (BCI) has created access to highly dynamic brain states. Key to this success story is the adaptation of existing and development of novel single-trial machine learning methods for the processing of brain signals. These novel neurotechnological tools open the route to previously infeasible online scenarios and should thus not be applied exclusively for the purpose of control and communication of motor impaired users.

In the CogReha project neurologists and BCI researchers team up to tap into a clinical challenge of high relevance, the rehabilitation of attention-related, cognitive defects after stroke. Spatial neglect and aphasia have been chosen as targets of investigation, for which the basic principles of BCI-interaction are evaluated.


Contact person:

Dr. Michael Tangermann -- Send


  • Dr. Mariachristina Musso (University Medical Center Freiburg)
  • Roza Umarova, MD (University Medical Center Freiburg)
  • PD Dr. Stefan Klöppel, MD (University Medical Center Freiburg)
  • Prof. Dr. Cornelius Weiller (BrainkLinks BrainTools Excellence Cluster)


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Mariacristina Musso, Atieh Bamdadian, Simone Denzer, Roza Umarova, David Hübner, Michael Tangermann. A novel BCI based rehabilitation approach for aphasia rehabilitation. Proceedings of the 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting: Past, Present, and Future, p. 104, 2016.

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